Changes and announcements

July 2021 (v1.84)

Hi everyone! Welcome to the July 2021 release of SEO Studio. This release consists of several individual patches that have been launched throughout the last year to address various bug reports and feature requests.

Notable features

📧 New email system

Mail settings
Various parts of the application can now easily send emails using the new official email system. The admin must first configure their mail settings before mail-based features will work.

Email verification & password reset
You can now require users to verify their email address before using their account. Users who have forgotten their password can also initiate a password reset using their email address.

Email templates
An official mail template editor has been added to the script to support these new features.

Email templates

📰 Terms & privacy policy

You can now use the editors at Customize » Pages to create pages for terms of service and privacy policy. When either of these pages are actived, a footer is automatically enabled on the frontend with links to them.

Terms of service

This is an experimental new feature which allows admins on supported servers to customize URLs across their script, to eliminate the .php extension, and to improve their site structure for organic search optimization.

After enabling this feature, some default permalinks will be applied to all pages in the script. You can also set an entirely different permalink for each page.

To get started, head over to Settings » Permalinks.


✨ Major internal reworks

Much work has been done on the script's internals. These changes are important as they improve the script's overall stability, performance, and reliability.

New classes
To start, I've introduced two new important classes to the script and have begun transitioning tools to use them. These classes are more efficient, offer better APIs, and have some awesome error handling.

Revamped error handling
The script's error handling has been completely reworked. It can now handle most errors without stopping the page, and behaves in a manner that will be comfortable for developers. Error reporting has also been made far more efficient and now covers the entire script.

Database encoding
The script's database tables have been migrated to the utf8mb4 character set.

Extra features

👀 Hide tools

The tool manager in the admin panel has been updated with checkboxes that allow you to hide specific tools from the website's tool list. Please note that hidden tools are still accessible if you have the link.

You can now hide any of the links in the website's navigation bar (as well as customize the logo's link). Further navigation options will come in a future update. To get started, click here.


🌎 Domain internationalization

A new Punycode class has been added to the script for the conversion of internationalized domain names to and from their ASCII xn equivalents. In a future update, this class will be used by the script to represent the active domain, and will be exposed to tools.

🔎 Bing proxying

The Google Network service has been upgraded to automatically proxy Bing search requests for servers in China and in some rare circumstances where invalid or unfamiliar responses are received.

Full changelog

Here's a rundown of all notable changes in this release.