Changes and announcements

February 2020 (v1.83)

Hi everyone! Welcome to the February 2020 release of SEO Studio. This release was primarily focused on improving the admin panel, allowing you to embed tools on other websites, and customizing the studio to fit your brand. Here are the highlights for this release:


New dashboard

The admin dashboard has been redesigned to feature four different weekly spark performance graphs and a recent activity log. More content will be added to the dashboard soon, and the design will likely continue to evolve. The release notes have also been separated onto their own separate page.

New dashboard

Color editor

This new admin page allows you to customize various colors on the website in order to match the script to your brand. This is currently experimental and only includes a selection of core colors – support for changing more colors, including those used by extensions, will come soon. You can get started at Customize » Colors.

Color editor

Tool embeds

You can now embed tools onto other websites using a small HTML snippet. For now, only admins can generate the embed codes, but more options will come in the future. To create an embed, head over to Tools » Embed tools.

The following image shows an example of what it might look like on another website. You can also customize the colors with the new color customization feature! More customization options coming soon. :)


Improved saving

On eligible pages and screen sizes, there is now a floating save button on the right side of the page. This button will scroll with you and show whether you have unsaved changes. You'll also be warned if you try to leave the page without saving first. See it in action at Settings » Configuration – it will be on more pages soon!

Better saving

Stylesheet editor

The admin panel now includes a built-in custom stylesheet editor for overriding styles. This is only intended for developers. Check it out at Settings » Stylesheet.

Mail testing

A form was added to the mail settings page to send a test email. You can use this feature to make sure mail is working properly and to debug errors.

Timezone setting

You can now set the default system timezone. This is particularly useful for the new admin dashboard's spark graphs, but may be used elsewhere in the future. Set your timezone at Settings » Configuration.



Until today, the behavior of the subscriptions extension was to redirect users to the pricing plans page when they tried to access the tools list. Additionally, users who were subscribed to a plan would see all tools, even those they didn't have access to, without any visual indicator that those tools were locked.

The subscriptions extension has now been changed to do the following:

Grayed out tools

User experience

New submit button when changing site

When users manually type in a new site, a submit button will appear for better user experience. You can still use the carriage return or enter keys to apply the change. The button can also be recolored with the new color editor.

New submit button

Other changes

Miscellaneous features

Bug reports

This release fixes various bug reports from users who had telemetry enabled: